W. Todd Kaneko Reviews Silent Anatomies in the Waxwing Literary Journal

Recently, W. Todd Kaneko penned a breathtaking review of Silent Anatomies for Waxwing Literary Journal. I am deeply humbled but I want to draw attention to Todd's incredible insight and artful way of locating entry points into the book for readers.

"...Ong has built for Silent Anatomies a hybrid space in which paradox is sometimes the best answer, in which the simplest possible meanings contradict more than they provide insight. Or see the way Ong juxtaposes text and images in “The Onset” in ways that subvert our expectations not just of how poems work, but in how text and images work as we normally read a book."



The Rumpus reviews Silent Anatomies

I am so humbled and blown away by the insightful review of Silent Anatomies by poet Kenji Liu. He went beyond analysis of the formal qualities of the collection and really delved into the difficult questions of identity that I sought to explore. I appreciated his thoughtful inquiry, not only in terms of the personal, but in terms of how we contextualize ourselves socially, historically, and politically. How refreshing!