Fork & Page reviews Silent Anatomies

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Photograph by Anita Olivia Koester at Fork & Page

Photograph by Anita Olivia Koester at Fork & Page

Writer and photographer Anita Olivia Koester recently reviewed Silent Anatomies for Fork & Page, a fantastic destination for poetry book reviews embedded in lush visual tablescapes. Her insightful reviews are engaging and accessible, making it easy to fall in love with what makes poetry so vital in this day and age.  On Silent Anatomies:

These multidimensional poems look at the layers of complexity in, specifically, an immigrant’s tongue: What words have been lost? What flavors have been retained? What feelings go untranslated in silence? Ong brings her reader into her search for heritage, for origins of dialect, her search for her own tongue which not only turns backwards but forwards into future generations.  (excerpt from Fork & Page)

Whenever I visit Fork & Page, I feel like I'm enjoying poetry at a Sunday Brunch with someone who loves books and food as much as I do. Her weekly poetry picks are delightful and I often come away with both my eyes and soul wonderfully nourished. 

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